Digital Mobile Banking Security Tips

What you can do to protect against fraud:

  • Modify the phone's settings so that only message from authorized numbers are allowed.
  • Add the Salem Five short code (79680) and customer service phone number (800.850.5000) to your contacts and only initiate SMS and phone calls from your contact list.
  • Do not reply to SMS messages that do not exist in your contact list.
  • Do not call phone numbers not in your contact list. If you are unsure about a phone number, you may text "Help" to the Salem Five short code (79680) and compare phone numbers. Only call numbers in your Help response or in your contact list to avoid Vishing.
  • Bookmark the Salem Five web site ( and only use this bookmark to access the site to avoid phishing.
  • Avoid using unsecured, public WIFI networks to access financial accounts with mobile devices.
  • Always use your cellular network when conducting mobile financial services.
  • Only download apps from stores, such as Apple & Android, that are submitted and branded by Salem Five.
  • Know that if you communicate with us via email using, you WILL need to provide identification information via CISCO secure email.

Type of Mobile Fraud:

Mobile Malware

Malware can be installed on your smartphone to steal sensitive information and data. One of the ways malware can access your device is through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Because a smartphone can easily be connected to wireless networks, malware is easier to download. Only use secure and trusted Wi-Fi and only accept Bluetooth connections from people you know. Keep Bluetooth off when you aren't using it.

Fake mobile banking applications (apps)

Criminals may develop and publish fake mobile banking applications that look official, but are fabrications designed to steal your Online Banking credentials. Only download the Salem Five Mobile or Salem Five Business Mobile applications from trusted sources, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play. To help protect your accounts and information, don't use any app if you detect these or other warning signs:

  • The app's developer or author is not Salem Five.
  • The app is being promoted on a third-party site, somewhere other than the official store.
  • There is a charge for downloading the app - it costs nothing to obtain this Salem Five service.

Phishing or Vishing

Phone Phishing (also called "Vishing") is another way thieves try to collect sensitive information from you. In this type of fraud, they will either contact you by telephone or send you a fake e-mail and ask for you to respond by telephone.


SMShing - pronounced "smishing" - is fraud occurring via text message. A criminal sends you a text to trick you into replying with financial or personal information, or by clicking on links that will sneak viruses on to your mobile device. DO NOT RESPOND to an SMS text message that requests personal sensitive data.

Contact Us

If you suspect digital banking fraud involving any of your Salem Five accounts, you should:

  • Contact Salem Five's Customer Support Center at 800.850.5000

Debit/ATM Card Fraud Alert Messages

Salem Five’s Fraud Alert Management team is always hard at work, behind the scenes, watching individual accounts for suspicious activity. If your Salem Five Visa Debit Card or ATM card is flagged with a concern, you may get an automated call from the Fraud Service Center to validate your activity. The number this automated call will come from is 800.850.5000. If a message is left, a case number will be provided for you to return the call. For your own protection, we appreciate you returning calls from the Fraud Service Center promptly.